Advice for the post-pandemic world.

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The art of giving and receiving good advice.

Welcome to Season 2 of the Nobody Asked Me, But Let Me Tell You podcast!

Every week, Charlie Oliver offers solutions to some of life’s most daunting problems, plucked from popular advice columns, forums and trending topics across the internet on a range of topics including pandemic problems, personal development, relationships, career growth, and the technological future.

She also explores the latest research and tools on what we can do to improve our advisory skills at a time when everyone is looking for answers to some pretty big problems facing society in an increasingly complicated and uncertain world. 

How can we become better problem-solvers, better listeners, and learn how to find and give the best advice in the post-pandemic world? 


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“There are two things which you should scrupulously avoid: giving advice you would not follow, and asking advice when you are determined to pursue your own opinion.”

N. McDonald